C# code for isochrone sample

C# code for isochrone sample

public static ISOPolygon CalcISO(Storage st, double[] centerX, double[] centerY, double maxCost)
    // Create main isochrone class
    ISOChrone iso = new ISOChrone(st);

    // Find closest nodes to each center, and set those as center nodes
    iso.CenterNodes = st.SpatialIndex.FindClosestNodes(centerX, centerY, false);

    // Apply some extra smothing
    iso.Smoothing = 2; 

    // Add a buffer to iso for parts that faces the outside of the network
    iso.BufferEdges = true;
    iso.BufferUnit = ISOChrone.BufferSizeUnit.MapDistanceUnit;
    iso.BufferSize = 2.5;

    // Generate and return polygon for isochrone
    ISOPolygon mpoly = iso.ToPolygon(maxCost);
    return mpoly;
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